3 FREE Online Schools in Sustainability

Want to learn about sustainability, but don’t know where to start?

Take these FREE Online Classes on Sustainability!

  1. UN SDG Learn

    Created by the United Nations, UN SDG: Learn is an initiative that aims to bring relevant and curated learning solutions on sustainable development.

    They offer facilitated e-learning courses, self-paced e-learning classes, and even book recommendations!

    The wide range of topics they cover vary from introductory topics to in depth discussions like introduction to standards, statistical toolkits, carbon taxation and others!

    Each course is created by and delivered by different UN partners, such as universities, UN bodies and specialized agencies, and government institutions.

    To guide students, each course is tagged with the specific Sustainable Development Goals they tackle in the course.

    Some interesting courses you may check are:

    Changemaker scan: Test your UNESCO competencies – Find out if you have the core skills people need to be able to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

    A business approach to sustainable landscape restoration – Learn the role of healthy landscapes for sustainable businesses.

    Driving Business towards the Sustainable Development Goals – Explore the role of businesses in achieving the SDGs and help raise awareness of the interdependence of the SDGs.
  2. SDG Academy   

    SDG Academy is focused on providing materials on the Sustainable Development Goals.

    Developed by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, the academy currently offers 34 courses on the SDGs.

    All courses are free and fully interactive, such that students can join forums to discuss and learn from fellow learners and sustainable development experts.

    SDG Academy also partnered with edX (an American massive online course provider by Harvard and MIT) to create SDGAcademyX – which expands the reach of their courses to a wider audience.

    Some interesting courses you may check are:

    The Age of Sustainable Development – How can the world economy continue to develop in a way that is socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable?

    Planetary Boundaries – What are planetary boundaries and can our planet continue to support human activity?

    Tech for Good: The Role of ICT in Achieving the SDGs – How can digital technologies empower humanity and improve lives?

  3. SM Sustainability School

    Exclusively developed for SM employees and scholars, the SM Sustainability School is an e-learning program that aims to develop groupwide sustainability experts by teaching sustainability concepts, demonstrating reporting techniques, and showing practical applications of sustainability to the SM ecosystem.

    The SM Sustainability School is free, self-paced, and accessible through the SM Green Movement intranet.

    Once the students finished watching the modules, they may take a quiz and get a certificate of completion.

    Watch our modules to learn how we practice sustainability in SM!

    Go to https://smgreenmovement.com/basic-level/ and start learning today!

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