We made a choice to promote green products and services to our customers and inspire our partners to take baby steps in re-imagining their packaging or souring, or even how they can reduce their own carbon footprint, and collectively join our movement for climate action.

If we can inspire partners, why not?

The bigger SM family is our micro, small and medium enterprise (MSME) suppliers. We take care of them so that they can grow and evolve with us. With our planet needing our help, we are inspiring our partners to reimagine how we can package our products better, or how we can all work together to reduce and recycle our materials.

SM is a big family of many businesses, big and small – and we can all take baby steps to make greener choices!

In many parts of our companies, our colleagues our championing green practices that help protect the environment. If we scale our programs, we can create greater impact and together, as one SM family, we can do our share and fight climate change.





Kick start your sustainability journey

Take the courses at your own pace and get a certificate!

This program is self-paced. It takes approximately one hour to complete each level.

Get practical skills and knowledge from experts in the SM Group.

This program is exclusive and free for SM employees.

Use your certificate on your resume or post it on Linkedin.


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