Our Green Champions

Jhen Miranda

How do you travel in a more eco-friendly and socially conscious way? Let Jhen give you a tour of the sustainable practices of our hotels to help our tourists make a green difference.

Alex Dizon

Going green by gardening is Alex’s thing. A recent plantito and a blogger since 2010, his stories on travel, food, fashion, and entertainment will surely keep you scrolling.

Liz Go Bian Kan

Liz believes that protecting the environment is a higher calling that one could pursue as a passion. Let Liz help you live out this passion and adopt a greener lifestyle. 

Freniel Austria

Freniel is an advocate of holistic health and social development and participation. His stories capture our own realities and his inspirations to have greener outlook in life.

A sustainability manager by vocation, a vegetarian by choice and a kid at heart. Yna believes that everyone plays an important role in protecting the earth. Learn how to start green projects that make a difference.

Abi has only just vegan! Follow her for tips on going vegan, embracing sustainable fashion, and moving to a plastic-free lifestyle!


Loyd Martinez

Do you love traveling? Then Loyd’s your go-to buddy. Check out his sustainable trips and tips as he explores the local wonders of the Philippines.

Szasa Lambinicio

Sustainability can be as easy as 1, 2, 3! Join Szasa as she introduces you to the role of numbers and data as we make our green move.


Rocky Manalansan

Stories come alive when Rocky is your storyteller. Watch out for his photo features and vlogs on going green!

Francis Tumpag

Francis loves numbers and sustainability. Discover how numbers and finance play an important role in sustainability with Francis!

Mark Montenegro

Do want to know little tricks and ways in saving electricity and water costs? Learn quick and easy green practices that you can do at home from Mark!

Gavin Rosario

As an athlete, Gavin cares about health, performance, wellbeing and the environment. Follow him for advice on how to live healthy for the planet!

Tonette Amistoso

Tonette practices responsible consumption by making sure everything she owns and use is utilized to the fullest.  Let Tonette help you become a responsible consumer!

Sharlene Cua

To Shar, Knowledge plus Innovation is Power. As an advocate of learning and development,  Shar believes that being Green means developing a sustainable mindfulness, enriching ourselves and sharing the best practices to foster a common vision of a green future.

Raemy Reyes

As a trainer in Employee Learning and Development, Raemy is an advocate of engaging employees towards a sustainable work landscape. Hop in the Green Bandwagon with Raemy as she shares how to be efficient and effective in every aspect of sustainable practices!

Stay tuned as we reveal more Green Champions every week!