My Trash to Cash Experience in SM BF!

We all have that favorite mall that creates the special moments with friends and family. It’s that mall that also offers comfort, convenience, and everything that we need to make the most of our time and resources. Mine is the cozy SM BF in Sucat, Paranaque. This modest mall won my heart.

Bringing in a month’s worth of recyclables to the SM BF’s Trash to Cash Recycling Market!

It’s true that I get my shopping needs met at the SM Store (and a little bit of employee discount when I present my SMIC ID!), the consistent trips to SM Cyberzone for the replacement of charging cords, and the Ace Hardware weekend run for the home items. It certainly doesn’t hurt that they have my favorite coffee stop, restaurant, and a selection of salon services, too!

But I love SM BF because it contributes to my community. I say this proudly: SM BF provides a great service to our village and the surrounding establishments who are in dire need of help when it comes to their recyclables and waste management.

Every first Friday and Saturday of the month, SM BF opens its doors to the residents in the surrounding villages to exchange their recyclables and trash to cash.

This is the second month that we’ve done it. My brothers and I collect our plastic bottles and cans, and set them aside in the garage for our monthly recycling house chores. On our first Trash to Cash Recycling Market visit, we had to ask for directions and park nearby to have an easier time hauling the items out. By our second month, we were a pro!

I have to thank the wonderful mall operations team for their organization and their patience when it came to my questions, the weighing and systematic calculation of my recyclables, and even ensuring that both vendor and mall guest were compensated fairly.

They were there every step of the way! Friendly, practical, and informative. They make sure that the job gets done in a very timely manner. It took a little time when we waiting for the local hauler, but once they were there, it was a fast process.

What was the cash equivalent of our haul? It was P300.00! Not bad at all and enough to reward the brothers with burgers after a well-earned early morning of gathering, packing, and unloading.

Who knew that hauling recyclables can become an enjoyable family event! Will we be doing this again? Absolutely!

Note: Every SM Supermall has their own Trash to Cash location. For SM BF, it’s on the ground level, near the Materials Recovery Facility, beside the mall parking entrance. Planning to have your own Trash to Cash experience? Check with your nearest SM Supermall!

Learn more about our Environmental Programs on Solid Waste Management | SM Cares (

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