We made a choice to conserve our resources and consciously rethink how we use materials in the way we work. Our goal is to lessen our footprint and make sure that we share the best green practices with all our colleagues.

The clock is ticking towards the #RacetoZero!

We run to win for our planet! We run to win for our communities!

We are BUILDING RESILIENCE to climate change.
We are MANAGING OUR FOOTPRINT for climate action. 

You are part of the solution!

In many parts of our companies, our colleagues are championing green practices that help protect the environment. If we scale our programs, we can create greater impact and together, as one SM family, we can do our share and fight climate change. 



Designing buildings with energy-efficient features such as proper insulation, efficient HVAC systems, and energy-efficient lighting greatly helps reduce energy consumption. Installing renewable energy systems such as solar panels also allow buildings to generate their own energy.


Rainwater catchment basins are currently installed in 23 SM malls. They not only help control the flooding in the communities around them, but also create significant water savings through recycling. The collected rainwater is used for greening irrigation, cleaning sidewalks and driveways, and cooling air conditioning systems.


We recognize our duty to responsibly manage our waste and identify programs to reduce plastic waste in landfills. Our malls have become venues for the community to participate in the circular economy via recycling. To date, our program has helped divert almost 20,000kg of post-consumer plastics, equivalent to 32,330kg of carbon dioxide (CO2), from landfills, oceans and rivers.

Kick start your sustainability journey

Take the courses at your own pace and get a certificate!

This program is self-paced. It takes approximately one hour to complete each level.

Get practical skills and knowledge from experts in the SM Group.

This program is exclusive and free for SM employees.

Use your certificate on your resume or post it on Linkedin.


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