Three Benefits of Having a Healthier lifestyle in the face of the Pandemic

Sports has always been my way out from all the stresses that life brings. With the pandemic changing the course of what was believed to be normal, many of us have found it difficult to live an active lifestyle as we were all locked up inside – disconnected from our everyday realities. With everything starting to come back to “normal” let us take a look at three points I have made on why living an active lifestyle can really boost our overall health and wellbeing amidst the time of such uncertainty.

An Active Lifestyle Improves Our Mood

Living an active lifestyle has always had numerous benefits for the overall health and wellbeing of a person. Whether this is walking around your village/park, going to the gym, swimming, or any form of physical activity. Our brain releases endorphins and dopamine that in turn makes us happy while also getting rid of all the different chemicals that make us feel stressed and anxious. At the moment we are doing some form of physical activity, our mind sets aside all the negative thoughts as we set our mind and body to what we are currently doing.

An Active lifestyle boosts Your Concentration

Living an active lifestyle helps in training our brain to continue to stay sharp and attentive no matter our age. A Brisk 20-minute walk during a lunch time slump can enhance our concentration that will last for hours while for more fit and active people, this could lead to superior focus as increased blood flow to the brain leads to feeling more alert and an overall better mood following physical activity.

An Active Lifestyle Helps with Our Sleep Pattern

Moderate exercise can help us fall asleep much faster while also deepening the overall quality of our sleep. Slow wave sleep is another word for deep sleep, and this is the type of sleep we need for our bodies to rejuvenate.  With this, sleeping better can garner a better mood and mental function the following day.

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