Alex Dizon

Going green by gardening is Alex’s thing. A recent plantito and a blogger since 2010, his stories on travel, food, fashion, and entertainment will surely keep you scrolling and reading!

What inspired Alex to go green?

“We all aspire to have that space where we can breath and find balance in our lives. Green gives me that serenity and peace while inspiring to keep moving on.”

What topics do you want to learn from Alex? Let him know in the comment box below!

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Kristin Koleen Davila Palaganas
Kristin Koleen Davila Palaganas
6 months ago

I love it Alex! Thank you for being an inspiration. Loving plants and taking care of them is a hobby that can make our world greener. Imagine everyone planting? We would then have enough to at least make up for our own personal carbon footprint!

Kristin Koleen Davila Palaganas
Kristin Koleen Davila Palaganas
4 months ago

Alex – please share more on green investments – why are investors now more conscious about investing in responsible companies? Are we one of those companies liked by investors because we are responsible?