Be Greenformed! How grilling your steak is grilling the planet


  1. Watch Szasa’s video on Methane.
  2. Comment your answers to her questions in the comment box below.
  3. The best answers will win an exclusive SM merchandise.
  4. Deadline of entry is on Tuesday, August 31, 2021.
  5. The winner will be announced via email.

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Nina Saclolo
Nina Saclolo
2 years ago

What is the chemical formula for methane? -> CH4
How do we reduce methane? -> minimize / avoid eating red meat, grilling steak; support organic farming processes..

Kristin Koleen Davila Palaganas
Kristin Koleen Davila Palaganas
2 years ago

Thanks for sharing Szasza! This is so interesting!

Aisa Gooco
Aisa Gooco
2 years ago

Q1: What is the chemical formula for methane?
A1: CH4

Q2: How do we reduce methane? 
A2: Limit consumption of red meat, buy produce from organic farms, and consistently recycle to curb methane emissions from landfills.

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