CBS Head Office Rooftop “Sprouts” Model Hydroponic Garden

CBS Rooftop Hydroponic Garden

CBS China Bank Savings unveiled the first of several green initiatives with the launch of its model hydroponic garden on the rooftop of CBS Head Office in Makati. The garden designed for CBS under the direction of Nestor Jason V. Camba, head of the China Bank Corporate Security Office produced the first crop of basil and heads of romaine and green ice lettuce three weeks after the seedlings were planted. 

“Crops grown using this method can be consumed immediately and safely, since no pesticide or herbicide is used in the process,” Camba said during a demonstration of nutrient bath preparation. A water pump provides a steady flow of nutrient-rich water to a series of plant beds. 

The CBS model garden uses coconut coir (bunot) as potting medium. When exposed to water, the brown, dry, and fibrous material expands nearly three-four times its original size. This characteristic combined with coconut coir’s water retention capacity and resistance to pests and diseases make it an effective growth medium. No pesticides are used in growing the salad and greens, providing a safe farm-to-table experience for CBS employees.

The creation of the hydroponic garden is a step that CBS is taking as part of the Bank’s aspiration to promote low-carbon, eco-friendly lifestyle and business methods. 

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