Create the ripple effect

In making a greener world, you and I may be asking, ”What difference can ONE PERSON MAKE?” 

It is easy to get overwhelmed that the problem may be TOO BIG for ONE PERSON to actually make any difference at all. BUT WE ARE NEVER ONLY ONE! 

“The simplest steps done consistently
will create a ripple effect to achieve
greater things for the environment
and our future generations.”
Founder, SM Green Movement
SM Green Movement logo

The SM Green Movement logo is characterized by having ripples. And this is no accident nor is it a simple design feature. It inspires us to believe in the power of ONE SIMPLE STEP and the positive RIPPLE effect it could have. 

SM Green Movement is a task force that is committed to helping SM make better and more eco-conscious choices and to fully integrate thee changes within the corporation. We strive towards doing better by instilling change from within, beginning with our teams, our brands, and our people. As one of the most established Filipino companies, we want to use our reach and influence to create lasting, positive change

Have you ever taken a simple step that created a ripple effect?

Share in the comment box below.

THE SM GREEN MOVEMENT is the umbrella program of the SM group that incorporates all its green and sustainability programs aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals championed by different companies within SM.  

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