Going back to the office – What does the future of work look like?


It’s the 2nd year of the Work-from-Home set up since the COVID-19 Pandemic disrupted our way of life. With the vaccination campaign at full steam, the discussion of going back to office work is on the table.

Are we ready?

The SM Retail teams have something very exciting to look forward to! SM Retail has a new headquarters and it is not just any kind of office – it is what the future of work will look like.


“We designed our new headquarters with our people and the environment at the heart of it!”

What would it be like to work in...

Photo 6

A workspace filled with natural light

Photo 3

A sky garden where you can unwind

Photo 1

Come up with creative solutions with different teams in collaborative spaces

Photo 2

Have a cup of coffee and chat with coworkers in office lounges

Find your center in the meditation room

Get fit in our office own gym

Park your bike in the 200 bicycle parking spaces

Simply know that your office energy efficient

The SM Retail Headquarters is comprised of 2 towers with the SM Mall of Asia Complex. Designed by M Moser and Associates, it puts the well-being of the employees and the future of work in mind.

The idea is to make collaboration, creativity and productivity a fun, everyday way of life! 

It will be home to The SM Store, SM Markets and most of SM Retail’s brand affiliates and will be opened towards the latter part of 2021.

Among the exciting amenities of the NEW SM RETAIL HEADQUARTERS, what do you think would be your favorite space?

Comment below!


SM Retail Future of Work Office support SDG 8 and 11. 

E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-08
E_SDG goals_icons-individual-rgb-11
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Koleen Palaganas
2 years ago

How exciting! It’s like ‘google’ office 🙂

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