Green Gift Wrapping Ideas You Can Try

Gift-giving is a popular tradition done during Christmas. A typical individual will buy not just two or three gifts for their closest friends and families. The number of gifts given per individual is significantly large of course! Demonstrating that people are increasingly enjoying sharing gifts with a wider social circle of family, friends, coworkers, and others.

According to research, individuals prefer getting a wrapped present over an unopened one. However, wrapping paper has a significant environmental impact. Wrapping paper is a single-use item and is therefore used once and either sent to a landfill or for recycling. Because some gift wrap isn’t recyclable, it ends up as an excessive amount of waste in the landfill and depletes our natural resources each year to produce gift wraps.

Here are some green alternatives to wrap gifts you can do to reduce your waste footprint this season.

Kraft Paper

Wrapping paper can’t be recycled in most cases due to laminations, glittery and glossy materials. This is where kraft paper comes in—it’s biodegradable and recyclable! When it comes to wrapping a present with kraft paper, let your imagination go wild. Decorate the gifts with natural items like pinecones, dried herbs, or dried orange slices to complement the rustic aspect of the paper.



Many of us have our own pile of old newspapers lying around at home waiting to be reused and recycled. Look for an interesting or funny article that complements the gift you’re giving. Alternatively, you might utilize an unsolved crossword puzzle to create your holiday greetings.




Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping fabric used to carry items that have now become a popular eco-friendly gift wrapping option in other cultures. To wrap a gift in furoshiki, all you need is a two-sided square cloth and some basic folding skills. Here’s a simple way to wrap a gift in furoshiki:

Furoshiki is a great way to wrap different types of gifts and forms. Use a piece of material you already own to get the most out of it—look through your wardrobe for old shirts, linen, or scarfs! 

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