Green ideas you can do in the workplace

Small actions when compounded can make a big difference. No matter what our job is, we can all play our part in making our work environment a little more earth-friendly.

“Sustainability is a journey. And in this journey, we can start with small steps to make our world a better place one green initiative at a time.”

Yna Rodis

Here are some ideas that can easily be done to help save our planet:

Go Digital

Going paperless has never been this easy with all the devices and applications available! We all have multiple devices and applications for everything we do. We have computers, smartphones and mobile devices. We have multiple apps to manage our emails, schedules, to-do lists, and projects.

Going digital offers a lot of benefits. Instead of printing multiple copies of a document, share a digital copy to your officemates. Not only does this save time, effort and paper, it also makes collaboration with teammates easier.

Avoid having piles of documents on your desk that can take days (or months) of sorting out. Digital copies are easier to monitor and organize through shared drives or folders online

And of course, as we may all be familiar with because of the pandemic, going digital enables remote work. When our work can be done digitally, it allows us to be more flexible and creative with the ways we do our jobs.

Of course, transitioning to a fully digital workplace may take some time, but remember that when you do use paper make the most out of it! Encourage double-side printing or use blank spots for jotting down notes.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Carpool with officemates

Cars are important to make sure we get to the office on time and comfortably. However, cars create air pollution and carbon emissions! To minimize this, you may consider setting up a carpooling program with your officemates.

There are several benefits from carpooling:

  1. Reduced road congestion or traffic – Traffic is terrible – especially in Metro Manila! According to TomTom Traffic Index 2020, Metro Manila ranked second out of 416 cities across 57 countries in urban congestion. In previous years, the megapolis was ranked the most congested city in developing Asia and 3rd worst traffic in Southeast Asia by the Asian Development Bank and Boston Consulting Group. With carpooling, we help lessen the cars on the road and create a less congested Metro Manila.
  2. Reduced fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions – Studies show that carpooling is an effective strategy to reduce fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions. Individual carpoolers may reduce their personal GHG emissions by 4% to 5% by carpooling! We will also enjoy cost savings from gas and parking fees!
  3. You also get to spend time with friends and share a few laughs along the way! Sharing a ride with a colleague to unwind from a long day at work is one way to strengthen relationships and reduce stress associated with commuting and driving.

Photo by SplitShire from Pexels

Take the SM Sustainability School!

Education is a great way to kickstart a workplace greening program. By joining the SM Sustainability School, we will learn how to incorporate sustainable practices in the way we do our business and jobs. We will understand what sustainability is and what it means for the world, our business and our personal lives.

Sustainability is a journey. And in this journey, we can start with small steps to make our world a better place one green initiative at a time. 🍀

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