Meeting Our SM Green Movement Champions!

It was an ordinary Thursday afternoon and least did I expect to attend a face-to-face meeting with people I only heard about. As a new hire and someone who was just recently involved in the SM Green Movement, I was grateful to partake and support this initiative from the team of SMDC’s Learning and Organizational Development.

I was with my teammates when we went to One E-Com for the face-to-face meeting and was impressed with the welcoming and promising spirit of everyone in the room! There were people not only from SMIC, SM Prime, and SM Foundation, but other external partners as well, such as 2Go, Goldilocks, and Watsons.

Posing with our goodies and some of the SM Green Movement Champions in SMIC, SM Foundation, and of course, SMDC!

Everyone was all smiles (not only because of the coffee and pastries!), but also because it was an actual and the first face-to-face meeting of the Green Movement Champions since the pandemic.

And definitely, everyone warmed up when we introduced ourselves and shared with the team which element of nature we related to the most. If you are curious, I answered that I was a tree (yup, a tree!) simply because I related to its sense of having a strong foundation and stability, despite the furious winds and high currents of water it faces. It was certainly fun getting to knowing everyone around and having the chance to start good partnerships!

On a serious note, I gained a deeper understanding of the movement’s goals when the SMIC team presented to everyone. I realized that aside from the SM Sustainability School, there were also a lot of other initiatives across the group! As they presented, I came to appreciate more what they are doing in sustainability – for the environment and the people.

I was proud to be part of an organization that does more beyond of what is expected.

Moreover, I was also impressed with the Watson team’s presentation! Not only are they focused on their sustainability goals, their presentation made it easier for us to understand their purpose and role in the SM Green Movement, which in turn, has helped me to be more motivated in enhancing SMDC’s part in the movement.

Overall, this has been a great learning experience and our team is looking forward to the next!

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