Our #OnlyOneEarth

Only One Earth” is the battle cry for this year’s World Environment Day campaign. It calls for transformative action from countries all over the world to take part in restoring and healing our planet.  

At SM, our Green Movement was launched to create meaningful impact towards the sustainable future we all want.

We made a choice to conserve our planet’s resources and consciously rethink how we use materials in the way we work. Our goal is to lessen our footprint and share our best green practices among everyone we work with.

We do this through practical sustainability solutions – inviting not only our peers for collaborative action, but with our communities and stakeholders as well.

From our water efficiency, waste and energy management programs in property development, to offering greenovations in retail, and leading in the banking business by continuing to finance renewable energy projects nationwide, we look to deepening our ability to serve our millions of Filipino customers while keeping the number one stakeholder in mind: our #OnlyOneEarth.

“As a country with one of the smallest contributors to global climate, the Philippines happens to be one of the most vulnerable to its harsh effects. Going forward into the future, we recognize that protecting our environment will be one of the challenges we will continue to face,” says Frederic C DyBuncio, President and CEO of SM Investments Corporation.

In this light, DyBuncio says that “2021 saw us stepping up our climate change response program. We joined the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures, making clear our unequivocal support for private sector action, transparency in our programs, and our partnership toward our common needs and goals.”

Sustainability is at the heart of our vision. SM has grown by making sure our people and our partners grow with us, and we continue to commit ourselves to improving the quality of life for our communities.

As we celebrate World Environment Day, we encourage everyone to join our SM Green Movement and to choose to have a green planet.

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