The Resilient Case of SM Masinag

Typhoons, typhoons and more typhoons! That is our everyday reality during the monsoon. And it is not about to get better with the effects of climate change looming in our horizon.

We are left with only one resort – TO THRIVE ABOVE OR TO SINK BELOW. Together with the resilient design of SM City Marikina, let’s look at the RESILIENT CASE of SM City Masinag.


Before all the jargons on climate change and disaster risk reduction became mainstream, our SM Engineering Design and Development (EDD) has been incorporating innovative features in our buildings to make sure that our customers, employees and communities are protected during calamities. Because we are able to operate during times of disasters, we are able to serve as safe haven to our stakeholders and also serve as first responders providing Kalinga Packs to our communities.


With the average rainfall continually rising, flash floods have become an ordinary site in the Philippines. In just minutes, years of investments, memories, hopes and dreams can be washed away. Many Filipinos have fallen victim to the rage of La Niña and stronger typhoons. That is why we spend 10% of our building capital to making our buildings disaster resilient and also helping our communities become resilient as well. We install water catchment basins in numerous malls to help prevent flash foods during sudden high volume of rainfall.


Our communities residing near SM City Masinag can be assured that we are a good neighbor that they could rely on during times of calamities.

Did you know that our rainwater catchment at SM City Masinag has a total volume capacity of 17,681 cubic meters? That is equivalent to 7 Olympic Size Swimming Pools. This means that we help alleviate flash flooding from happening to neighboring barangays.

During Typhoon Ulysses, while there was massive flooding, communities surrounding SM City Masinag remained flood-free, like Vermont Park Phase 1, with 200 homeowners.

Now how does this work?

The water holding tank located in the lower ground floor of the mall building collects rainwater, not only from the mall’s roof deck and perimeter, but also from nearby subdivisions by allowing their drainage systems to connect to the malls. The rainwater is then collected and stored until the weather clears, after which it is slowly released to the Muntingdilaw Creek or utilized for non-potable uses.

Interesting, isn’t it? Next time you visit SM City Masinag, you now have a different way of seeing it – not only to be the fun place to enjoy but it is also a place you can rely on during times of calamities.

Do you have a touching SM City Masinag experience during times of calamities? Share it with us in the comment box below.

SM City Masinag’s Water Catchment Facility supports UN SDG 13, Climate Action.

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