What’s in your beauty product? Clean beauty with Watsons

Not all beauty products are created equal.

They all differ in ingredients, the process of how they are manufactured, and who makes them.

According to the Australian Academy of Science, we can find about 15 to 50 ingredients in a typical cosmetic product.

With thousands of different brands on the market, it can be overwhelming to know which ones make safe and healthy products.

That is why Watsons created the Clean Beauty mark so it’s easier to find products that we can trust.

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For Watsons, clean beauty products are mindfully created and formulated with safe and non-toxic ingredients. These products will help avoid irritation, redness, sensitivity, or other health issues.

Clean Beauty brands recognized by Watsons are free from a list of unwanted and harmful ingredients:


Let’s make clean beauty the standard.

Source: Watsons PH

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