8 Zero Waste Travel Essentials

Moving around inevitably creates a bigger environmental impact than staying at home. We are using transport, eating out, and trying new things as we explore.  

For conscious travelers, there are many ways to minimize our waste on the go. By being mindful of our actions and planning ahead, we can even avoid waste altogether.  

Here are zero waste travel essentials that can come in handy the next time you go out! 

Zero-Waste Dining

Reusable Water Tumbler 
Make sure you are hydrated while avoiding single-use plastics. Instead of buying bottled water, bring your own water tumbler instead. Not only will this avoid waste, it will also help you save a few bucks on water.  

Tiger Energetic Tumbler from ShopSM. Available at shopsm.com 

Reusable Coffee Cup 
Coffee lover but hate the excess waste? Ask your barista to pour in some of that rich and delicious coffee in your own reusable coffee cup.  

Corkcicle Coffee Mug. Available at 2/F Bridgeway Mega Fashion Hall SM Megamall 

Reusable Food Containers 

Food waste is another thing we want to avoid. Good news is that once you’re ready to go, you can always bring your left overs with you in a reusable food container! Glass containers also help preserve flavor and quality better than plastic or metal. 

Masflex Glass Food Container with Bamboo Lid. Available at the SM Store 

Reusable Utensils 

Cutlery is among the items most deadly to animals according to a study by the Ocean Conservancy. If there is flatware available in the restaurant, then you don’t have to worry! But avoid using single-use cutlery while you can by bringing and using a reusable set. 

Wheat Utensil Set from Surplus Shop. Available at shopsm.com 

Eco bag for shopping 

Reusable bags can help eliminate your use of plastic or paper bags. Having a reusable bag, like an eco-bag, with you may come in handy for purchases and even left overs. They are usually lightweight and can fit just about anywhere. 


Eco-bag. Available at Kultura Filipino 

Zero-waste Beauty 

Shampoo bars 

Another handy product is a shampoo bar. Say no more to bottled shampoo that can be quite difficult to bring around. Without the plastic packaging, shampoo bars are far more sustainable than liquid shampoo. 


Lush Shampoo Bar from Lush Philippines. Available at 2/L SM Mall of Asia 

Bamboo toothbrush 

While not exactly zero waste, bamboo tooth brush is low waste. Since the handle is made out of bamboo, it is compostable!  

Colgate Bamboo Toothbrush. Available at SM Markets, Watsons, and shopsm.com 

Face Masks 

Last but not the least, bring a reusable face mask. A good reusable face mask should completely cover your nose and mouth, use at least two fabric layers, and is washable! 

Face Mask. Available at Kultura Filipino 

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