Did you know that we are one of the richest countries when it comes to natural resources? We were not named “The Pearl of the Orient” for nothing. Yet, not all of us were able to take care of our God-given resources.

At Hamilo Coast, we monitor and protect species in the area. We helped make the classification and adoption of 3 marine protected areas. Our biodiversity conservation measured are observed for the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of flora and fauna within this seaside sanctuary, which includes the 10 hectares of mangroves that we protect.

As an SM Green Movement champion, being green means sharing our planet with life around us. This means caring for life on land and under water. Here are some things you can do to help protect biodiversity.

  1. RESPECT THEIR HOME – It is amazing to witness the beauty of underwater life. Whenever we go snorkeling or scuba diving, let’s treat ourselves our respective guests in their home. Do not rearrange or destroy their living area.
  2. RESPECT THEIR WAY OF LIFE – When we interact with animals, especially friendly ones like dolphins, monkeys or birds, we are reminded to not feed them with human food, even worse, human junk food. Let’s respect their way of life. What we can do is protect their natural sources of food so that they can go along as nature intended them to be.
  3. KEEP THEM FREE – Can you imagine strolling in the park and someone kidnaps your child? What a horrific thought! Life thrives with their families and communities. No matter how cute or beautiful it may be (like starfish), don’t kidnap them away from their home.
  4. RAISE AWARENESS – One of the best things to preserve biodiversity is to capture their beauty through picture or video for people to have a peek of the grandeur and miracle of life that surrounds us.
  5. LIVE WITH THE FUTURE IN MIND – Remember, we are here for just a short while. Our planet, life, is meant to sustain and carry on for millions of years to come. We were simply asked to be a caretaker for the time-being.
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