Now that tourism is slowly opening, everyone is excited to pack their bags for their much-awaited staycation. But before we go back to how things used to be, is there a way to make amends to mother earth while enjoying her wonders?

SM Hotels makes going green easier for you. Here are some ways YOU CAN GO GREEN WHILE ON STAYCATION in one of SM’s group of hotels.

1. FARM TO TABLE – Our colleagues at SM Hotels work with local farmers and prioritize local ingredients in their menu. You can enjoy sustainable choices in our well-curated menu and feel good that you are helping support local farming communities at every bite.

Farm to Table

2. FOOD WASTE TO COMPOST – You can also feel assured that we minimize food waste, rethinking the buffet experience and our kitchen operations. We now avoid displayed pre-cooked dishes to help encourage guests to only take what they can finish. We also use our food waste for compost.

3. REUSABLE STRAWS– As you sip your favorite smoothie, you can still be a green champion by using bamboo and biodegradable straws.

4. ECO-FRIENDLY TAKEOUTS – You may want to bring our sumptuous meals home. Don’t worry about plastic containers because we use eco-friendly packaging for your takeouts.

The Sustainable Diner

5. DIGITAL MENU – Instead of using additional paper for menus, you can simply scan QR Codes to order.

6. PERFECT TEMPERATURE – We also keep rooms at 23°C which is the best energy saving temperature yet cool enough to keep you comfortable.

7. REFILLABLES IN YOUR BATHROOM – We have also let go of single-use bathroom amenities and have gone for refillable pumps to reduce plastic and waste.

Sustainable Bathroom Amenities

While we were at a standstill during the pandemic, MOTHER EARTH had the chance to recover. Let’s not waste a challenge as big as the Covid-19 pandemic. Let’s find ways to enjoy life without destroying our home.

You can read about SM Hotels’ Green Initiatives at SM Prime’s Integrated Report 2020, Inspiring Resilience.

These efforts contribute to SDG 12, 13, 14 and 15.

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