How I Found My Dependable Sustainability Champion

As a Filipino kid growing up in the 1990’s, leisure trips to SM was part of my childhood. Whether we needed to buy personal stuff or wanted to eat or hang out with friends and family, our week was not complete without a visit to the mall that’s got it all.

To this day, I can still hear the tune of the famous jingle. Little did I know that our favorite mall offered a lot more than just a complete shopping experience. As an adult, I was pleased to find that SM has been doing so much more for the future of our country.

I’m standing beside the solar panels of SM Mall of Asia: How can I not fall in love with SM Prime?

From selling everything we need, SM expanded the business to offer more lifestyle choices for the Filipino consumer. The company ventured into building malls, office buildings, residences, and resilient communities through its property arm. SM Prime is now one of Southeast Asia’s largest integrated property developers that champions sustainability.

Through its businesses, the company helps boost economic growth by contributing to the country’s gross domestic product. SM Prime likewise continuously provides jobs to thousands of Filipinos across its business units. In addition, the company also safeguards the environment and uplifts the lives of its host communities through various environmental and social development programs.

In carrying out all these initiatives, consistency is vital. As I learned from my first conversation with Mr. Hans Sy, it’s important to consistently do good for the people and the planet. What matters, in the end, are dependable and tangible results —a stronger economy, a healthy environment, and empowered people. And this is why I look to SM Prime and the people around me as true sustainability champions.

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