Leaving No One and No Animal Behind

Our efforts against the Taal Volcano eruption

One fine day, the skies grew dark as volcanic ash filled the skies, when Taal Volcano erupted last year, after being quiet since 1977. Not sparing our mountain resort, Tagaytay Highlands, ash covered all man-made and natural habitats.

Tagaytay Highlands was temporarily closed as security teams helped safeguard the club’s facilities. The safety of everyone was top priority as cleaning and rehabilitation were carried out. The animals from The Animal Farm were evacuated and checked for any injuries. Communities were evacuated and extended immediate assistance.

We also made sure that all our furry friends and every animal in The Animal Farm were rescued. All were relocated and those needing special care were brought to the Lyger Animal Sanctuary in Taytay, Rizal.

Of course, we made sure that our own team members were safe. We recognize the commitment and dedication extended by our colleagues throughout the stages of our rehabilitation and restoration efforts.

Taking the Health and Wellness of our Tagytay Highlands Stakeholders seriously

Where were you during the Taal Eruption? Were you part of our efforts in helping communities rise above the ashes?

Please share your experience in the comment box below.

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