Simple Acts for Mother Earth this Mother’s Day

I believe it’s challenging being a parent and that environmental protection is essential in raising children. Aside from education, emotional and spiritual nourishment, the best thing that you can give to your children is a good life and a brighter future.

The author with his nanay, Elsie, share their love of the beach.

Part of that future is a safe place to live in, an environment where they can breathe pollution-free air, where they can enjoy fresh and clean water, and where the soil constantly produces bountiful and nourishing harvests. It is an environment where they can interact harmoniously with the planet’s beautiful fauna and flora.

Our nanay is our Mother Earth. We only have one. We are her children and we must do our best to care for her. When we have children of our own, a healthy and nurturing environment is the best inheritance to give them, so that they do not have to worry too much on the effects of climate change.

As her child, I would like to share with you some of my insights as to how we can be a good son or daughter to our beloved mother. Simple as they may seem, these acts have a significant healing effect:

  1. Properly segregating our trash
  2. Patronizing organic & biodegradable products
  3. Recycling plastics and other non-biodegradables
  4. Planting indoor ornamental plants as a hobby (hello, plantitos and plantitas!)

Nature is the source of life and we must do our share to honor her. Just as we did for Mother’s Day, let’s start showing our love to our nanay, our momshie, our Mother Earth.

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