Check Out the Green Finds Pop-Up Store!

They’re popping up soon across all SM Stores! If you’ve seen the little green badges that have been sprouting up all over The SM Store like mushrooms, they signal that the item in front of you is a true Green Find.

Curated just for you! The SM Green Finds pop-up store is located at The SM Store in Mall of Asia

Launched recently, the SM Green Finds make it simple and easy for shoppers to have greener options by labeling them with a Green Finds badge.

To get the full Green Finds experience, just visit The SM Store at the Mall of Asia, ground floor, next to the Kultura section. There you will find the curated items: From baby’s first toys and nappies, to home décor, bed sheets, and canvass tote bags that carry the message of going green, getting local and sustainable!

Looking for denim? Check SM Woman for this Green Find!
This basic white-tee is made from recycled PET bottles and
Cooking and supporting local farmers – who doesn’t love a statement apron?

Partners in Green Living

What makes them a green find? They are eco-friendly, made from natural ingredients, supports local artisans. Green finds products also support sustainable lifestyle choices – from cool tumblers that make you bring your own bottle of water to clothing made from recycled PET bottles or bamboo. This means that we are trying to reshape our behavioral and consumptions choices to do good.

But it doesn’t end there. Keep hunting for the products that you need that give you more value for money. This is part of being sustainable! It’s good for us – the consumers, good for our business, and great for the communities that we support.

The Green Finds badge basically helps us become more deliberate with our shopping choices, for a sustainable greener Earth that future generations can enjoy.  

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