Sustainability in your Phone? It’s Possible with these 5 Awesome Apps!

Take sustainability wherever you go with these five apps you can download on your phone! 

  1. Trash Panda 

We all know of Food Panda, but have you ever heard of Trash Panda? Don’t worry, Trash Panda won’t deliver trash to your homes. They are the ones to actually take out your trash! And the best part is they make sure that our trash does not go into the landfills, dumpsites, or the oceans, but to partner facilities for recycling and processing instead. 

Litrato ni Trash Panda.
Photo by Trash Panda from Trash Panda Facebook.

Trash Panda currently collects four types of recyclables: paper and cardboard, used beverage cartons, plastics, and metals. Simply book a date through their app or website, and they will collect your recyclables for you. Their services are available in Metro Manila and some areas in Rizal. 

Check out their Facebook page for more details! You can directly visit their web app or download their android app too. 

  1. Ecosia 

Planting trees is one of the simplest ways to help beat climate change. However, with limited space and time, not everyone can physically plant trees. But you know what everyone does everyday? Open a browser in a laptop, computer, or phone!  

Ecosia's tree counter just got faster
Photo by Ecosia from Ecosia Blog.

Ecosia is a free downloadable search engine that you can plug-in your browser. The income they generate from ads are used to plant trees all around the world. To date, Ecosia has already planted over 134 million trees! Imagine that! So, every time you open a webpage through Ecosia, make a quick web search, or casually browse the internet, you’re helping plant more trees! It’s that easy!  

Read more on the Ecosia website.   

  1. Gardenia 

A community of Plantitos and Plantitas grew in the past year, and for great reasons! Gardening is relaxing, plants help make the air cleaner and more breathable, and they make our homes look brighter and better! SM Green Movement Champion Alex Dizon blogged about his gardening experience and some tips for Plantito newbies.  

Gardenia App (@team_gardenia) | Twitter
Photo by Gardenia from Gardenia Twitter.

You can also check out more tips in the Gardenia app, where you can explore different types of plants, organize your gardening schedule, and monitor the weather to help your plant babies cope with temperature changes! Gardenia is an app for both gardening beginners and experts alike. 

Read more on the Gardenia website. 

  1. Capture 

Remember our Be Greenformed episode on Carbon Footprint? A lot of you shared fantastic ways on how to lessen our carbon footprint and our negative impacts to the environment. The Capture app allows us to take it a step further by actually measuring our personal emissions and track our activities.  

Carbon Footprint Tracker & Sustainability App | Capture
Photo by Capture from Capture Website.

Whenever you take a walk or use your bike, instead of riding the tricycle or your car, Capture tells you how much emissions you avoided. You can try it too with a friend!  

Read more on the Capture website

  1. MyPlasticDiary 

We use plastic almost everyday. This piles up throughout the year and without realizing it, we have already used and threw out tonnes of plastic without knowing where it goes. MyPlasticDiary can help us with this problem. It allows you to easily track how much plastic you use and set goals of reducing your plastic use! 

Photo by MyPlasticDiary from MyPlasticDiary Website.

You’ll be amazed how much plastic you can avoid if we manage to properly monitor it! You can inspire others too by sharing your progress in social media.  

Read more on the MyPlasticDiary website

Have other apps in mind? Share it below in the comments section! 

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